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Brandon Brooks

Brandon is the owner and a Lead DJ. He has been a DJ since 2005, starting with another company. After almost 5 years of working with brides on the biggest day of their life, he realized that this was what he wanted to continue doing and started what is now Brooks Music! Brandon has entertained at countless weddings in over 18 years. He loves building bonds with his clients and keeping in contact. He loves that Faceb​ook allows him to keep up with his past clients and watch their families grow! Brandon has the most experience and has trained each of his team members with the highest of standards. Even if Brandon is not available to DJ your wedding himself, you can rest assured that you will be t​aken care of by one of his amazing DJ's!

Mike Robinson

Mike has been with Brandon the longest of anyone in the team!  Brandon and Mike met at a wedding in 2008 and connected right away.  Anyone who knows Mike will say he is the most easy going person ever.  Mike knows just how to put you at ease with his chill vibe.  But don't let that fool you into thinking he won't be professional.  Mikes smooth voice commands on the microphone.  Extremely punctual and ALWAYS prepared.  He's always down to grab a drink and talk about your wedding.  Just read some of the reviews and see what Mikes past couples have to say.  

Corey B​rooks

Scott is the newest Dj to the Brooks Music Line up!  However, Scott had over 10 years experience before joining out team.  Scott started with Brooks Music in 2021 when he met with Brandon to hire him to DJ his own wedding.  Brandon knew right away that Scott would be a perfect fit to join the team!  Scott started right away and knocked it out of the park.  He settled in and quickly become a huge asset to the team.  Scott specializes in weddings.  The first thing that stands out about him is his incredible voice!  He certain can command the attention of a crowd.  A family man to the fullest, he spends all his spare time with his new wife and daughter.   

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Xavier Breiding

Xavier has been with Brooks Music pretty much from the beginning.  Unfortunately he moved a couple hours away after he started his Masters Degree.  While he lives far away from the home base, Xavier can sometimes be found entertaining at events closer to him.  Occasionally he will return for an event.  Since getting married and starting a family, Xavier takes on very few events, but he is still and will always be a part of the team!

Earl McDonald III


Corey is another long time team member of Brooks Music.  Corey Started with Brandon as an assistant DJ.  If you had Brandon as your DJ, chances are, Corey was there right beside him.  Corey has recently started working on his own providing his calming approach to any event.  Corey is the guy with the magic Marry Poppins bag.  Anything you need, he likely has it.  He is known for being over prepared and quick on his feet.  If a problem arises, he can easily find a solution or work around to pull it all together!  

Scott Hunter

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Earl McDonald III, or DJ Mac as he is known, is truly one of Akron's finest local products. He is our most requested DJ! Born and raised in the city this guy has an outstanding personality teamed with an amazingly infectious smile. He is extremely well rounded which makes him a jack-of-all-trades and perfect for any occasion.

On the music front he can do it all. As a person who ​enjoys good music, he has been DJing and emceeing with Brooks Music since 2010 focusing primarily on Weddings, private parties and other small gatherings. Not one to get too fancy with mixing and splicing of tracks he always knows the perfect song for every instance.  Earl has stepped back from Djing in the wake of the recent pandemic.  While he is still considered part of the team, he takes very few events. 

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