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Why to choose an agent:

There are many misconceptions about travel agents. Many people think that it costs more money to use an agent. While it many be true in some cases, not all agents charge for their services.

Here's how it works. Agents help you by looking into your vacation, and they book it through agent only websites. Agents have memberships and meet certain criteria in order to use these websites. Because we book through these sites, the travel vendors (such as Apple, Sandals, Carnival etc.) track the booking to the agents membership number. Then they pay the agents for booking through them.

Travel can be tedious, and can really take a lot of time. It's best to use an agent that can help give expert advice and work with you to make your vacation exactly what you want. Use an Agent!

Brandon is an agent for Roy's Stow Travel in Stow. He specializes in cruising and all inclusive Caribbean and Mexican resorts. However, he can book any travel that you're looking at!


Book a Sandals Vacation & receive Complimentary transfers to and from the airport. Some other travel bookings will also be eligible for free transfers, while the rest will be offered at deeply discounted rates

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